Talking Cat

Talking Cat (Nokia Series 40) 1.0.4

Make friends with this talkative feline


  • Records your voice
  • Yawns


  • Doesn't do much else

Not bad

Talking Cat is an S40 game in which you'll discover a 3D animated cat who repeats everything you say.

Talking Cat is virtually a clone of Talking Tom Cat, which has become a very popular app on other mobile platforms. Now you can play with a virtual feline of your own in this Series 40 Talking Cat game.

In comparison with other games of this genre, Talking Cat for S40 is pretty limited. You have to hold the microphone button down to speak into the app, and the cat will repeat back what you say. Unfortunately, Talking Cat doesn't include a funny voice effect - it merely plays your voice back as you spoke it.

There are almost no fun animations in Talking Cat. You can't interact with the character as you can in other talking animal games, and the only thing he really does is yawn when you don't touch the screen for a while.

Talking Cat is amusing for a while, but its entertainment is ultimately very limited.

Talking Cat


Talking Cat (Nokia Series 40) 1.0.4

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